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Pull-out kitchen shelf construction and materials

Materials and construction used in making the best pull-out shelfs (we know that is spelled wrong)


    We use 9 ply Birch plywood imported from Russia to make our quality sliding shelves. While other companies may use cheaper construction grade 3/4" oak, maple, or birch plywood we refuse to cut corners on our materials. 9 ply Baltic Birch 1/2" plywood is the best material you can choose for making pullout shelves. The strength of the 9 ply far exceeds other materials and will last a lifetime. We use 1/4" Birch plywood for our drawer bottoms. 


    We use Blum 3/4 extension slides for our pullout shelves. The Blum slides are rated for up to 100 pounds and carry a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. They are self closing slides that will pull themselves closed for the last couple of inches. The slides come with L brackets attached that let you mount to an existing shelf or cabinet base. We also include spacers and screws to install the shelves. The spacers are for half shelf installations or side mount. If you are doing side mount you will need to order more spacers to fit your cabinet's construction


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