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Two most common types of cabinets for pull out shelf installation

Traditional Framed Cabinets

Installing pull out shelves in framed cabinets


 Frameless or "Euro" style

Intsalling pull out shelves in frameless cabinets


Framed cabinets have a face frame usually made of a hardwood such as Oak. When the doors of the cabinet are closed you can still see the cabinet face frames around the doors and drawer fronts and often you can see the hinges. The interior of the cabinet is wider on both sides than the cabinet opening. The face frame usually extends into the opening about 3/4" or more. Framed cabinets are the traditional style of cabinets in the United States and they are found in more homes than the newer Euro style. Frameless cabinets do not have a face frame. The front edge of the cabinet sidewall is the front of the cabinet. When the doors and drawers are closed they cover almost the entire cabinet. The hinges are totally concealed when the doors are closed. Euro style hinges are larger than the traditional framed cabinet hinge and tend to interfere more with the cabinet opening. Frameless cabinets often use a 32mm hole system for the hinge mounting and shelf support. The interior width is the same as the opening minus the door and hinge interference . You can order special Euro spacers Ketotifen order online

Kitchen pullout shelf install instructions


1 - sliding shelf with attached slides

1 pair - cabinet slide members with attached L brackets

8 - #6 x 5/8" Screws

4 - 1/8" spacers

Your sliding pull-out shelf can be mounted to either a full depth shelf (or cabinet base) or to a half depth shelf with the included L brackets and spacers. First lets identify the included parts. The pull-out shelf has the shelf slide members already attached. The end of the shelf with the wheels is the back. Your cabinet slides come with two L brackets attached to each slide. The slides are marked just behind the back screw on the front bracket with either a CR for cabinet right or a CL for cabinet left. The cabinet slides are just the opposite with the wheels being the front end of the slides. The number one key to installing your shelves is to let the shelf be your installation tool. Use the shelf to determine the spacing for the cabinet slides.

Locking the mounting shelf.

Whether you are mounting on a full shelf or a half shelf the back of the shelf you are mounting on must be held down securely to prevent the sliding shelf from tipping when it is extended. The easiest way to secure your shelf is to install two screws in either the cabinet back or the back of the cabinet sides. Install the screws just above the shelf leaving the head of the screw out far enough to prevent the shelf from tipping. Depending on sliding shelf load and the thickness of your existing shelf you may need to find a more secure method of preventing the shelf from tipping.

Full shelf or cabinet base installation

Set the slides in position in your cabinet as pictured. Next place the shelf into position by lifting the wheels on the back of the shelf over the wheels on the front of the cabinet slides and into the rail behind the wheels. The left side track is free running, if the left side slide falls out of the track while mounting it can be put back on without extending the shelf. The right side is the control member and it must stay on the track while inserting the shelf. With the shelf on the slides and in your cabinet you can position the shelf so that it is square with the cabinet front and either centered in the opening or against the face frame opposite the door. Make sure that the cabinet members are seated forward fully. Next apply a slight pressure downward near the rear of the shelf as you slide the shelf forward enough to expose the rear bracket. Now mark the location of one of the rear brackets, if the slides move before you can get the location marked just close the shelf and start again. Once you have the location marked insert one of the #6 screws into one of the sideways slotted holes in the bracket and secure it to your mounting surface. Next close the shelf and check both shelf and slide alignment. Repeat the process for the second rear bracket. Close the shelf again and recheck the alignment. You can either mark the location of the front brackets with the shelf closed or carefully slide the shelf out lifting up on the front when it is extended to separate it from the cabinet slide members. It may take a couple of tries to get the shelf out without moving the brackets. With the shelf removed you can install a #6 screw into each front bracket using the slotted holes to allow for adjustment. Once all four brackets are secured with one screw each reinsert the shelf and check the alignment. Pay particular attention to the left side of the shelf, any alignment problems will show up on the left side. Once the slides are adjusted properly install a screw into the center hole of each bracket to secure them in position. plastic spacers are not used with the full shelf installation and they can be discarded.

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